The Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Affairs Standing Committee paid a visit at the NMA

Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Standing committee members of The House of the Peoples’ Representatives of the FDRE paid a half day visit at the National Meteorological Agency of Ethiopia’s Head Quarter at Bole on 22 June 2012.

After the newly appointed Director General of the NMA Mr. Fetene Teshome welcomed members and chair of the Standing Committee, major activities, success stories and challenges of the Agency has been presented and tabled for discussion.

They have visited the Bole Meteorological station which has many conventional and automatic weather observing instruments, meteorological data archive. They have also visited the workshop where by few meteorological instruments are manufactured.

Finally, how meteorological early warnings are produced; what inputs are used; when and how are the products disseminated to the public are well explained by Experts and Director of the Forecast and Early Warning directorates.
In a discussion after the visit chairperson of the Standing Committee, Dr. Kebede Kanchula, stated that the visit and discussion has helped the committee to understand detailed services of t the National Meteorological Agency of Ethiopia. NMA has been undertaking and contributing to many sectors like energy, agriculture, health, air transport, tourism, construction and research. He disclosed that he and his team have learned that NMA is providing inputs to the socio economic development of Ethiopia. He also calls upon the Agency to promote its services and products to the wider community and assured that the Natural Resource and Environmental Protection Standing Committee of the House of Peoples’ Representative of the EFDRE will continue to support in its capacity.