Somalia: Animals under fire and drastic drought impacts

The Somali Media for Environment,Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) mourns and concern the horrific butchery against Somalia wildlife by the Alshabab.

Dozens of Somali wildlife had been killed by the opposition group of
the Somalia’s government of alshabab and Somalia animals are still
under death displacement day by day in the area controlled by the
Islamist hardliners of Shabab.

Alshabab new trainees are continuing to kill the wildlife during their
training in order to make sure that they are well trained shooters.
There are also an estimated number of monkeys had been killed
illegally for the past nine (9) months during their training on how to
throw bombs at the frontline fighting’s.

According to SOMESHA’s research at least 87 monkeys died in a place
located Lower Shabelle region namely Lanta-Bur due to mistakes from
their trainers while near by 150 gorilla’s managed to escape after the
death displacement of their friend-hood.

Somalia animals are among the living things affected by the climate
change. An estimated number of Somalia wildlife both urban and rural
is continuing to die in Somalia because of the pandemic droughts in
across the country.

The Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture
(SOMESHA) calls an urgent attention from the global well wishers in
order to save the most vulnerable wildlife in the world.