Model farmers who used plastic rainguages and agrometeorological advisory doubled their yield

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Model farmers at Boset Werda ,pilot area, who employed agrometeorological advisory and used plastic rainguages to follow up climate information in their farm has got double yield as compared with last years product.

The National Meteorological Agency engaging and training agricultural extension workers, experts to assist them, providing practical knowledge of agricultural meteorological services and applications to farmers’, improving farming practices and increase agricultural production are the major objectives stated in the signed grant agreement document with the Rockfellor Foundation.

Adama Meteorological Branch Directorate Director Asalifew Niguse and model farmers at Boset pilot Wereda reported that farmers who are engaged in this process got double yield. Asalifew said “These model farmers last year with same land size and crop harvested 12000 kilogram but this year after receiving recurrent agrometeorological advice from trained extention agents, 10 daily weather forecast, and weather information from their farm using plastic rainguages , model farmers harvested 24000 Kilogram.

It was noted that the Rockfellor Foundation transferred $ 250, 000 to the NMA for the implementation of the first phase of the project.

Hailu Wudineh Tsegaye,
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