Are there mushrooming climate change NGOs?

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Climate change adaptation is key to ensuring that the African continent saves itself from the serious effects arising from the distortion in climatic patterns.

Prof Charles Basalirwa of Makerere Universities department of Geography however says, the current flurry of organisations that have sprung up to try and address the dangers of climate change are causing more confusion than helping the situation.

Basalirwa who spoke at media meeting on Climate Change at the Hotel Africana in Kampala accused media organisations and media colleges of jumping onto the bandwagon without first of all understanding the delicate issues on the subject.

"Let the media first of all understand what climate change is, then try to apply it to the current situation and interrogate the stories before putting them into the public arena," said Prof Basalirwa who is also the focal point of the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change - IPCC.

Media to seek knowledge on climate change

Written By:Judith Akolo , Posted: Sat, Jun 05, 2010

Climate change is a change in the elements of climate over a period of time, this could be over 30 years.

It is the anthropogenic climate change, also known as global warming which has seen a rise in temperatures, melting of glaciers on some of the mountain caps especially in Africa has been attributed to climate change.

Prof Basalirwa while agreeing that the effects of climate change have already began to affect the normal lives of the public, the Don said it was not in the benefit of the public that such a delicate matter should be addressed by pseudo-professionals in matters of climate, who are in fact seeking funding from development partners to set up many organisations that seem to have now lost direction on what to do about climate change.

Prof Basalirwa took issue with the current mushrooming of non-governmental organisations that are pushing for climate change and who still do not understand what climate change is and how it is affecting humanity.

The Don urged for knowledge sharing among the people and governments on the continent to help understand climate change, its effects and how to put in place adaptation measures towards climate change.