NMA started online Satelite Merged and Gridded Data Services

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The National Meteorological Agency of Ethiopia launches the newly upgraded website on 20 December 2011 in its Head Quarter. Among others this new webiste provides online satellite and ground information merged and gridded data to the users.

Communications and PR Director on the occasion stated that “The NMA website www.ethiomet.gov.et already exist what makes it new is some features added, and the infrastructure of the website changed from linear to dynamic.”

ICT director Kinfe in his part listed the major online climate information services via new website: High quality spatial 10-daily climatology, 30 years gridded rainfall at 10km by 10km resolution, 28 yearrs satellite rainfall estimation at 10km by 10km resolution, 28 yrs blended satellite-gauge rainfall 10X10 km resolution, 30 years temperature gridded at 10x10 km resolution, 30 years temperature merged station and satellite at 10km by 10km, Information available at Woreda, Zone, Region, any grid box defined by user, any point defined by user over Ethiopia, The information is available online with a statistical tools to analyze the data. It was noted that long term data will be updated at the end of every year.

The NMA upgraded its service via website with technical support from the International Research Institute (IRI) of Culombia University, Reading University and financial support from the Google Earth.

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