UNEP Announces Africa Food Security Conference

Africa Food security conference with title "Harnessing Ecosystem based Approaches for Food Security and Adaptation to climate change In Africa

The Africa Adaptation Knowledge Network (AAKNet) is planning an Africa Food security conference with title "Harnessing Ecosystem based Approaches for Food Security and Adaptation to climate change In Africa" slated to take place in Nairobi by 20-21, August 2013

The overarching objective is to aggregate the lessons shared into common solutions for food security and climate change adaptation across country application, share information on targeted ecological actions that provide opportunities for addressing perennial food insecurity in Sub Saharan Africa and identify key challenges and bottlenecks hindering the scaling-up of ecosystem based adaptation practices, and how can they be overcome .

This conference will bring in policy makers, practitioners, actors, academics and scholars. Actors implementing projects using ecosystems based approaches towards addressing climate change and enhancing food security, are invited to participate.

Practitioners are invited to provide a practical example of work which harnesses ecosystems services to enhance food security and adaptation and at the same time also enhances the productivity of the ecosystems using the presentation outline and template below showing clearly:

1. The problem: what risk was been addressed

2. The objective

3. Methodology & Implementation

What ecosystem approaches were adopted to implement project activities?
What risk was this approach addressing?

Which time of the year was this approached applied?

Who were the target groups of the project?

Who were the key stakeholders of the project and what methods were used to involve them?

What were the replicability potential of the project?

4. Where the action took place and what was done (the solution)

5. How did this ecosystem approach addressed and enhanced
- Food security

- Climate Change adaptation

- Contributed to the ecosystems productivity

6. The big Picture

- Number of people who benefited, (used a baseline and compared to the number at the end of the action who became food secured and benefit from emerging opportunities)

- Emerging opportunities

- Replication and up-scaling potential

- How did the project addressed sustainability and cross-cutting issues
- What should be considered in up-scaling ecosystem based approaches

7. What are the current limitations in the use of ecosystem approaches
- What do we know of the scientific bases of this ecosystem based approach
- what are the scientific limitations

Also a 2-5-pager write up along the outline above will be highly welcome.

More information on the conference http://bit.ly/12qU1SQ

Contact person: Richard Munang (Ph.D)

Africa Climate Adaptation Coordinator

Climate Change & Development Programme

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Tel: +254 20 762 5727

Richard.Munang@unep.org | www.AAKNet.org|www.unep.org