Super Computers Vast Information For Development

By Patrick Luganda
Super Computers enable scientists observing and studying the atmosphere to make important discoveries and interpretations on vast amounts of data that is collected regarding the performance of various elements in the atmosphere.

Through collection of this data, the past, present and likely performance of the weather and climate in future can be predicted.

The Network of Climate Journalists in the Greater Horn of Africa (NECJOGHA) in collaboration with the African Climate Communication Institute (ACCI) will bring to you a series of educative, informative articles to enable you learn and understand how the super computers help us in various aspects of our lives.

This information is good study, or planning material for you as an individual or professional in academics, government, research, media and other sectors all over the globe. It is particularly tailored to stimulate interest of developing countries decision makers especially in Africa. We will together discover the vast amounts of money that can be generated out of this resourceful information.

The information generated can provide critical planning material for policy makers, companies, defense, farmers, transportation as well as construction and infrastructural development, strategic planning for commodity purchase, storage and sale, health planning, trade and commerce and the economy in general.

Learn and understand how the national GDP and income per capita can be enhanced using these super computer technologies. Please pass the word around and join in this interesting learning process over the coming several days in July.