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World Health Organization (WHO) Releases New to Estimate Health and Adaptation Costs of Climate Change

By Hailu Wudneh
African Centre of Meteorological Application for Development
Niamey Niger,
News Release

Restrictions Cause 80% Collapse of Canada Reporting on Climate Change

VANCOUVER, Canada, Feb 21, 2012 (IPS) - Amid revelations of a well-funded U.S. organisation's plans to deliberately distort climate science, scientists and journalists at a major scientific conference called on the Canadian government to stop its muzzling of scientists.

Agriculture key to Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation

Agriculture key to climate change mitigation, adaptation
Africa Science Technology & Innovation News-AFRICA STI
The world’s agriculture sector can contribute to climate change mitigation, while at the same time helping countries to adapt to climate change, say 14 scientists writing in the January 20 edition of the peer-reviewed journal Science.

Members of the contributing team are drawn from 12 countries and it includes South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research systems ecologist, Bob Scholes.

Sugar industry takes aim at Ugandan forest again

By Patrick Luganda
MABIRA FOREST, Buikwe, Uganda (AlertNet)
- At Najjembe roadside market, in the heart of Uganda’s rainforest, Sanyu Nakato offers the bright yellow bananas in her basket to hungry passengers on the long-distance coach to neighbouring Kenya, who snap up her wares.

“I sell up to 20 baskets of bananas daily,” she says. “Although we’re selling lots of different fruits, the customers are also many.”

LATIN AMERICA: High Food Prices Present Challenges and Opportunities

By Emilio Godoy
MEXICO CITY, Oct 14, 2011 (IPS)
- The global food crisis, which threatens to aggravate hunger and poverty, makes it necessary for agriculture to diversify, adapt to climate change and raise productivity, say FAO and experts.

Kenyan Women use Savings Scheme to Survive Drought

By Pius Sawa for Farm Radio Weekly in Kenya
Florence Nzambuli is an inspiration to many women in her home village of Mutomo, in Kitui South Constituency, eastern Kenya. It is difficult to make a living through farming in this dry region. But with Ms. Nzambuli’s guidance, a women’s group has found a way to cope with drought and rising food prices.

Uganda Challenges African Union to Focus on Climate Change

By Paul Amoru in The Daily Monitor Uganda
Uganda’s representatives to the Pan African Parliament (Pap) yesterday challenged the leadership of the African Union to immediately develop a workable strategy on ways to mitigate the devastating impact of climatic change being experienced across the continent.

UNDP Launches Guidebook on Climate Change Finance for Developing Nations

By Mekonnen Teshome
The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has launched a guidebook aimed at helping decision makers in developing countries to better take advantage of the billions pledged to address climate change, according to a press release UNDP issued in Addis Ababa this week

World Climate Research Program (WCRP) Conference, Denver USA

Patrick Luganda NECJOGHA Online News
The United States of America will host the next Open Science Conference of the World Climate Research Program (WCRP) in Denver, Colorado, 24-28 October 2011. The Conference with the theme Climate Research in Service to Society will be at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Colorado USA.

The goals and the vision for the meeting include:

Land Grabbing in Africa Rises

The Green Prophet

The issue of land grabbing by Gulf countries for food security purposes has been in the news (including Green Prophet) for some years now, but the trend for large-scale acquisitions is accelerating. The new scramble for land in Africa and many parts of South East Asia, such as Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam, is creating a wide spread geo-political phenomenon, raising new concerns about the long held debate on the benefits and risks of these acquisitions.


By Al Gore
First Published in Rolling Stone Online June 22, 2011 7:45 AM ET
The first time I remember hearing the question "is it real?" was when I went as a young boy to see a traveling show put on by "professional wrestlers" one summer evening in the gym of the Forks River Elementary School in Elmwood, Tennessee.

Farming Insurance in Ethiopia Effective

To Survive Famine, Will Work for Insurance

How much would it cost to prevent a famine? We don’t know exactly, but one answer is surely this: Much less than it would cost to save lives after famine hits. The relief group Oxfam estimates that emergency relief in famines costs seven times as much as preventing the disaster to begin with.

2008 US Intelligence Studies Linked Middle East Crisis to Climate Change

By Patrick Luganda
The East Africa countries are currently facing prolonged drought conditions that experts say will affect food security in the region.
There is always one crisis or another looming over Africa. This time round, the unfavorable climate is becoming extremely central in the challenges that we are grappling with.
Oftentimes, ‘Good Samaritans’ trying to help us out of the doldrums offer solutions to problems that they are little fully aware of.
That is why the climate change denials, especially in the Western world, persisted for so long.

Climate Change Symposium 2011-AfricaAdapt Addis Ababa, March 9-11

The 2011 AfricaAdapt Climate Change symposium will be taking place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from march 9-11, 2011, It will bring together hundreds of participants from Africa and beyond to discuss, learn and debate on climate change and development inn Africa.

Launch of the 2nd AfricaAdapt Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund:

Launch of the 2nd AfricaAdapt Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund:
Call for submissions 9-20 August 2010!

AfricaAdapt is launching its second Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund. The Fund offers support to African researchers, local and civil society organisations, cooperatives and community networks that create new ways of sharing knowledge between African communities. These poor and vulnerable communities rarely get the opportunity to share their valuable experience and learn from others in formal exchanges of knowledge on climate change adaptation.

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